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You're now the leader in a large multiplayer game

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Start date 18-10-21 - 03:00
End date 19-10-21 - 05:00
  • Description

    You're now the leader in a large multiplayer game, and you have increased your influence. But there is a problem: what should I do? If I were the director of Runescape, I would recognize that Runescape is not only in crisis, but the genre is in trouble (see World of Warcraft, for instance.).

    League of Legends is an example of a similar game. I wouldn't duplicate the game's gameplay League of Legends is doing but try to look at what you can learn from the game. The combat system could be improved. The current system is fun to play in PvM, but not so much for PvP. PvM has almost all members, so most players won't have a chance to try it.

    As long-time participants of Runescape We know it's not a game that's okay. Runescape needs to be back to its glorious days of 100,000 players. Anything else would be too disappointing. So, how can Runescape keep its luster? It's not an easy question to answer. It could have been simple if it was.

    My opinion is that none the improvements ideas available will provide the answer to Runescape's issues. While I do have some thoughts, I will keep them for a future editorial. For now, I hope we'll be able to return to fishing rocktails and mining ores without needing to search for coffins to our characters. This is all for now.
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