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FIFA 22: More Xbox Series X/S, PS5

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تاريخ البدء 28-10-21 - 11:03
تاريخ الانتهاء 30-11-21 - 11:03
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    FIFA 22: More Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and Stadia-exclusive features made public by EA Sports. In Career Mode across all platforms, there are news items that focus on your statistics and achievements that are activated the moment certain milestone events occur (for example, when you or a players' goal goals is to break a competition's goal record and you or you or your player finally achieve it).

    These achievements are not just highlighted in the press on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, S and Stadia. The new versions of FIFA 22 also have pre-match intro sequences , where the commentary team will comment about what you've accomplished.

    New cinematics include new team warm up sequences as well as dressing room "moments" teams examining the pitch, as well as the groundskeeper making final preparations.If your team's performance is low in a crucial game, you might even see the crowd leaving earlier, EA said.

    The game's developers say cheating players were discovered during AI-based matches. The developers claim that players were found cheating in AI games. Team of the Season (TOTS) will be available on FIFA 21. According to the rules of EA, cheating could involve using tools from outside or exploiting bugs in the game as well as employing other tools. Gaming is more enjoyable when everyone is equally.

    Hacking, phishing and every other activities that give an advantage in competition can ruin the gaming experience for all. This also affects the balance of games. This TOTS promotion will feature teams that are power-ups of the Premier League and La Liga. The promotion also includes Serie A and Bundesliga players.

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