To travel around the island, bring two prayer potions Cover Image


To travel around the island, bring two prayer potions

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To travel around the island, bring two prayer potions has not posted anything yet
Start date 06-11-21 - 03:00
End date 07-11-21 - 07:00
  • Description

    To travel around the island, bring two prayer potions (you will need it along with all the protection prayers you will be wanting to make use of) four anti poison potions (really are going to require these) one super energy (you do not want to run out of energy while crossing the road) and the remainder with food. Cammalot teliportation runes are a great idea. They stopped me from eating my entire food!

    To complete the underground portion, you will need to have 4 prayer pots. 4 super energy potions. 2 potions to prevent poison. You can also make use of the items needed for the quest. Keep an eye on your running and when you reach 50% drink a dose or two of energy for your run, when prayer is at 28% drink a prayer potion, take a snack when you need it!

    For demons: one anti poison (for when you are teliported into middle of jungle), camalot running runes (for afterward or in case demon somehow manages stay alive :cute ) four prayerpots (over kill but safer to be safe than sorry) and the rest good food.

    Range gear is a good idea. I utilized 10 mitharrows at 61 range and had enough of waiting. Bring 50 mitharrows to get the fight over with you quicker. Anything that can give prayer or magic defence is great!

    Protect yourself from the magical and run across the bridge once the shaking stops. I discovered the underground and demon easy, but the island was a challenge. I suggest you wear monk's attire for all other areas, with the exception of the demon. Also, the helm will give you a prayer reward as well as a holy/unholy pray amulet. The cape that reduces weight (or the spotted cape, which I think it's) is a must to be carried.

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