As an inactive player I don't have a holistic Cover Image


As an inactive player I don't have a holistic

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As an inactive player I don't have a holistic has not posted anything yet
Start date 12-11-21 - 10:07
End date 30-11-21 - 10:07
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    The fact is that each defence level is worth.25 combat ranks. Each level of defense is worth 24.5 combat levels. Defence provides a damage reduction on all melee, range, or magic damage taken by Lv/10 %, and stacks additively with damage reduction from tank armour.

    In the process of level-tiering accuracy and defense against equipment increases by cubical. Lv50 armour is almost ineffective against lv90 weapons. In PvP, high-level armour can be very seldom used due to the cost. However high level weapons are often utilized with the help of the pray for protection. Freedom is a lv34 defence capability that is essential for PvP with EoC. Reflect, Resonance Rejuvenate Debilitate, and Resonance require 37 48. 52. 55 Defence respectively.

    It is possible to use potions to increase these capabilities. Ancient Warriors' pvp armor now requires 40 defense. Void is the smallest non-degradable power armour available at 42, and Fremmenik at 50. Now, to what extent is this worth doing? EoC PKing, outside of warbands, isn't currently feasible.

    Warband's current mechanics make the combat level useless since players are able to attack anyone with warband loot. Legacy PKing's defence is very ineffective because of the absence of defense abilities. Jagex is trying to "revitalize" the wilderness, but has not provided any details. What are your plans to reset your defense?

    Is this where all the money is coming from? It's not my job to be an economist, but I think it's agreeable that a game such as RuneScape is always susceptible to inflation. Due to the Grand Exchange, money spent by players goes to players. The money earned by other players can also be used to purchase quests or to purchase monsters.

    The only reasonable solution to this problem is to force players to give back to the game thus eliminating the possibility of coins that circulate. I'm not very knowledgeable about this Araxxor thing, but I believe a step towards the right direction is giving incentives for players to use their money in such in a way that it does not be given to another player.

    As an inactive player I don't have a holistic enough understanding of the game to suggest some reasonable methods of doing that. There are still ways to dispose of the money that has been floating around since years, like the sawmill, shops and others. They were able to control inflation pretty well between 2001 and 2009.

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