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RuneScape - They could be charged with burglary

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Start date 25-11-21 - 10:30
End date 31-12-21 - 10:30
  • Description

    The Rod of Light, A magical staff that binds the target for five seconds and drains one-tenth of their health every second. It is then added to your hitpoints. It's too complicated, therefore I won't continue. Comment below, provide constructive criticism, and suggestions for how to implement this idea. Please let me know which areas you think should be changed or removed altogether. If you are satisfied with what you are seeing, consider supporting this idea! Thanks for taking your time to read all this.

    The investigation of Detective. Your task is to show that your client isn't innocent of the charges brought against them. They could be charged with burglary, while others are charged with theft, some fraud, a little amount of fraud, and possibly murder. In just a few minutes, you'll have to gather evidence and prove you are not guilty.

    Start point: Seer's Village Court House. Talk to the person behind bars. Requirements: king's ransom, Wanted, To get started talk to one of the accused behind bars. They will inform you that they need an attorney. If you accept to be a lawyer, they will reveal what you were charged with and the place. You can ask the guard to accompany you to the location the spot where the crime occurred. The evidence can range from cracked windows to small fingerprints.

    In order to gather evidence, you need to keep in mind the things your client is accused of. If it's Burglary, the scene will be your home. If it was theft, it will be in a public place. If it was fraud it would be in the public, or inside your home.

    Scamming is usually in a location that is difficult to locate, like a trapdoor. If it was murder, it could have been in an apartment, public area or a hidden location. It is possible to look for clues, such as damaged windows, notes, or hidden trapdoors, or even disguises. Fingerprints can also be an indication. if you think you gathered all the evidence required, you may be able to go back to court.

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