Create an Player Owned House (POH) to Taverley. Cover Image


Create an Player Owned House (POH) to Taverley.

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Create an Player Owned House (POH) to Taverley. has not posted anything yet
Start date 08-12-21 - 10:07
End date 31-12-21 - 10:19
  • Description

    Farming Seaweeds. In the underwater portion of Fossil Island, players can plant Seaweed Spores in their Seaweed Patches. This way the patches will develop into Giant Seaweeds. The harvesting of these patches can be extremely profitable because there is a Giant Seaweed equals six smaller ones. For those who are interested in using this method must grow for Flippers they can get from Mogres at 1/16 ratio.

    Spores necessary for plantation can be obtained from Lobstrosities, which are situated near to areas So finding them should not be an issue. However, those who would like for them to be killed will require or Brine Saber as well as Trident. The first is acquired by Brine Rats (that do require 48 Slayer) as well as the other can be obtained through Kraken boss, which needs the 87th level of Slayer skills.

    Charter ship method. The players who have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest and are over 77 Magic can use the Superglass Make spell. It allows crafters to create without financial resources. For training like this make sure you purchase buckets filled with soda ash and sand in the form of Trader Crewmember on Port Phasmatys or any other spot. Use Superglass Make spell to craft top-quality glass products that you can create. When your resources are exhausted, make sure to hop into other worlds to replenish them.

    The art of crafting battlestaves. Completed tasks from Varrock Diary can be quite lucrative as each of difficulties in it lets players buy more larger battlestaves with NPC Zaff. By finishing Elite Diary in Varrock, you can purchase as much as 120 battlestaves at the equivalent of 7000 gold coins. The only issue is that they all have to be bought simultaneously. The staves that you want to make can be made from Air Battlestaff and Fire Battlestaff.

    To make the Air Battlestaff you'll need Staff of Air, Cosmic Runes and Unpowered Orbs Amulets of Glory, Stamina and Energy potions. Pick up an 81 Cosmic Runes and 27 Unpowered Orbs from the bank and head over into Air Obelisk. Charge your orbs, and then move them to Edgeville by using an Amulet of Glory. Now you are able to combine the orbs you have charged to create Air Battlestaff.

    To use this Fire Battlestaff (Red version) it will require Staff of Fire and Anti-Dragon Shield. The runes you need are Cosmic, Law, and Dust. Also, you will require Unpowered Orbs, Stamina Potions and Antipoisons. In addition, Rune Pouch might prove helpful.

    Create an Player Owned House (POH) to Taverley. Teleport to the house , and proceed south to the dungeon. From there, you can go towards Fire Obelisk and Teleport to Camelot in order to access the bank. You can join with other items to create Battlestaves.

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