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RuneScape - To maximize your farming efforts

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Start date 14-12-21 - 09:46
End date 31-01-22 - 09:46
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    To maximize your farming efforts, be sure that you mine rock at Varrock as it is close to banks. The Smelting process is available through Edgeville in addition to Crafting is at Al-Kharid. To be able to compete in the Ultimate Ironman, risk will not pay off, so you can sell everything to the general retailer instead.

    Tiaras are also made with a tiny money, but they're better for experience than for coins. If you have a high enough level in your Mining skills You can take this strategy to the max gain by mining gold ore and creating Gold Necklaces as well as Gold Amulets. These will yield you the best profit but with lesser experience per hour.

    You can start off by heading to the Lava Maze which lies north-west inside the Wilderness. This involves taking Staff of Earth and Steel Platebodies from the ground, and then switching worlds for them to spawn. If you're older than 55 Magic, you can use Fire runes along with Nature runes.

    It lets you use High Alchemy spell on staves and armor , which are used to break down items into gold. You won't need to go to the shop to sell your items after your inventory is exhausted. Make sure to remember that this technique involves running off to wildy and because it's in a pvp zone you might be caught by other players. Bring only what you require.

    While we have marked this technique as a risky one it isn't likely to be killed by other players who are performing this task. The most dangerous thing that could make you sick is the desert heat combined with obstacles that could damage your body. It's an agility course, however like any other course of agility that is a challenge, failure could cost you hitpoints.

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