According to the NFL, Trevon Diggs leads Cover Image


According to the NFL, Trevon Diggs leads

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According to the NFL, Trevon Diggs leads has not posted anything yet
Start date 18-12-21 - 10:13
End date 31-12-21 - 10:13
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    For years, fans of Madden have been seeking a job. The place where you can build your player, go to university, then get drafted into the NFL. This year's Face of the Franchise is the closest they've come to. When you start Face of the Franchise, you'll have the choice of being a quarterback or wide receiver, running back, or linebacker. After you have chosen your position you will be able to select the "class" of your player. What kind of play style will your player be playing? It's up to you to choose, as well as your player's physique (physique).

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    Madden 22 Roster Update: Trevon Diggs among several Week 4 upgrades

    The week-long Madden 22 Roster Update is close to being completed, and that means another week of NFL action has led to adjustments in ratings.

    We have all the information we can find about Week 4's Madden 22 Roster Update. The information includes who is growing and when the rest will be revealed.

    Madden 22 Roster Update: Trevon Diggs getting a Week 4 ratings boost

    As of now, just one player from the week 4 Roster Update is revealed, and it's no surprise that you've seen the Cowboys play at any of their recent games.

    Trevon Diggs has been a total hotspot with five interceptions in his four last games. Next Gen Stats also gave him an impressive statistic.

    According to the NFL, Trevon Diggs leads all cornerbacks in Target EPA (Expected Points Allowed) this season with a -28.4 EPA when those near his defense are being targeted.

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