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    Prayer is a costly technique to master and due to that, it is very important to examine the costs of head and bone before buying large quantities. Making your own bones is rarely effective and should be avoided. It is often better to make money using an income-generating method and purchase bone from players. There are several types of bones used for Prayer training, including Dagannoth Bones, Superior Dragon Bones, Ourg Bones and other types.

    In both the soul and bones In both souls and bones, the more effective item you choose to use, the more expensive and also more experience it grants. Certain items provide better experience per spent ratio than others and some will give huge chunks of experience at a quick pace but be expensive. It is essential to be aware of how much money you can afford to spend and what level of prayer you want to achieve.

    There are many calculators available on the internet to find out which bones will be most effective for you. Calculate the amount of bones you'll need. If you're too busy or do not want to look it up - typically Dragon bones as well as Wyvern bones offer the highest gold to exp ratio therefore they're an excellent value. In the case of heads that are ensouled Kalphite heads are at present a an excellent choice as it would take approximately 50mil to take you from the level of 1 to 99.

    If you're blessed with the 93 level of Magic you may consider using Dragon heads, as their it has a very high experience rate and it costs around 90mil per year to reach 99 (which is fairly inexpensive). Other options such as the Ensouled Bloodveld Head aren't as worth it.

    Before proceeding with this OSRS prayer guide, it's worth noting that prayer is a very expensive skill to train. In order to reach high levels in prayer, there is a lot of gold to be invested , but at same time it is one of the most simple skills to train if you are wealthy. To conserve money and level upwards, you can make use of the most efficient techniques.

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