As you begin your journey through almost every skill Cover Image


As you begin your journey through almost every skill

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    Go to the 1st level of the tower. There you will find a Bonegrinder. You can use your bones to collect containers of bonemeal. Then, grind your bones and take them back to your bank. After you have finished grinding the bones and collecting all of the slime buckets , you are able to start earning experience. Pick up 14 Buckets of Slime and 14 pots of bonemeal and then teleport to Ectofuntus. In worship, you will be able to pray to Ectofuntus to receive prayer xp. For every worship you attend, you will be awarded five Ectotokens handed out by the his disciple NPC.

    When cooking food, you stand a risk of burning it. The greater the Cooking level gets higher, the less chance you have. Additionally cooking range might decrease the chance of food burning by an additional five percent. To gain the maximum amount of experience when leveling, players should cook food that he doesn't burn any more. This will help make the amount of the food required to level and will also lower the cost of getting experience.

    As you begin your journey through almost every skill that you can find in RuneScape it is very much worth the effort to undertake missions that provide experience in the skill you're planning to improve. When you are at level 1 and you'll be burning the majority of the food that you create, it's a large time loss. There are two very short quests that could get you over level 10 in cooking - Gertrude's Cat and Cook's Aid. If you complete them, it will reduce your time.

    If you'd like start getting leveled while cooking food, you can do that too but it's slow than completing these quests. Between levels 1-20 we will cook Sardines and you'll need to cook around 120 (without burning) to get to level 20. Sardines are a superior option to Shrimps. To begin, simply fill your Sardines with water, click on the fish you want to cook and then put it in the grill, and cooking will be automatically started for each subsequent fish.

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