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I understand RuneScape took away Pk'ing

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Start date 02-12-20 - 11:39
End date 31-01-21 - 11:40
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    So, what can you guys recommend for getting my rc up? Wearing the FoG gloves in GoP doesn't give a x4 exp stack. Just the GoP x2 exp bonus is used, and your gloves do NOT degrade. I tested it myself because of boredom. Number 2. What is body gloves? Number 3. GoP is mainly more profit. It wouldn't save you much time, but it assists in getting adorable stuff like teletabs that might accelerate your runecrafting speed. Number 4. If you're going to mine the essence for 99 runecrafting, you're gonna should bring another year to this tally. Purchase the character, runecraft, market the runes (I recommend airs for best profit), purchase more essence, continue. At least it's self sustainable.

    Natures 2x is 91 runecrafting. I suggest trying 50 runecraft first (I'm assuming you are beginning low first). When you get 50 runecraft, do some GoP for the fun of it. Then, try 60 runecrafting. Congratz if you are still not bored at 60. Go on to 80 with the same method. Attempt 90 then. If less than 2 years has passed, then it is possible to search for 99. Fantastic luck anyhow.

    For fishing, I am thinking of performing bait/fly fishing in Shilo Village based on what adventure is your fastest... it has been a while since I've done fly/bait so if anyone can refresh my thoughts on what adventure is faster? Smithing, something I do not really like. Well I want to understand what I should smith until I buy 56 Smithing for Mithril Bolts, I've heard from a source... That this is good experience, if not please inform me that is the best experience and what levels within 50-60 is required to get fast experience. I was thinking Cannonballs until 56.

    Cooking, well based on which I'll get from Fishing in Shilo I had been expecting to get this level... I need 333k experience to acquire this level although I only have 180k. Also can I ever burn pike/trout/salmon depending on which I fish... and what would help me in not burning some of those fish. Finally, Runecrafting. I had been thinking of playing Tears of Guthix. I have 176 Quest Points so I should be able to keep in there for a sufficient timeframe. I am not sure how much experience I will get out of that. Also what would be the quickest way to get this level? I don't want to lose too much cash... maybe 100k in the most.

    Hey everyone! Ok, I understand RuneScape took away Pk'ing but now they have"Pk'ing worlds". Now I never Pk'ed in the wilderness before but now I would like to do the Pk'ing worlds. So I need some Pk'ing advice which includes: 1. Which combat kind should I use? (melee, array, mage) 2. What if I wear and what should I have in inventory? I can not think of anymore but toss in whatever you can think about... I would really like to hear from folks who do the Pk'ing worlds!!!

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