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I know RuneScape took away Pk'ing

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I know RuneScape took away Pk'ing has not posted anything yet
Start date 05-12-20 - 10:50
End date 28-01-21 - 10:50
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    Cooking, nicely based on what I will get from Fishing in Shilo I had been expecting to find this level... I want 333k experience to acquire this level while I just have 180k. Also can I ever burn pike/trout/salmon depending on what I fish... and what might help me in not burning any of those fish. Ultimately, Runecrafting. I was thinking of playing Tears of Guthix. I have 176 Quest Points therefore that I ought to be able to stay in there to get a sufficient timeframe. I am uncertain how much experience I shall get from that. Also what is the fastest way to get this level? I don't want to lose too much cash... maybe 100k at the most. Thanks for the help.

    Hey everyone! Ok, I know RuneScape took away Pk'ing but today they've"Pk'ing worlds". Now I never Pk'ed in the wilderness before but today I want to perform the Pk'ing worlds. So I need some Pk'ing advice which includes: 1. Which combat kind should I use? (melee, range, mage) 2. What if I wear and what if I have in stock? I can not think of anymore but toss in anything you can think of... I would really like to hear from folks who do the Pk'ing worlds!!!

    My older main got prohibited. His title is All_boy_Fool. He was banned for something really stupid. He had 0 blackmarks. Someone hacked me. I recovered. He recovered again. So I regained back, doing everything I could to prevent him. . But no. He recovered. He must have gotten my advice. Keylogger or something. After about 5 times, all my money was gone. I regained, logged , and it had been banned. So. I have a new main. I have already tried submitting a question, etc.. He had been 1799 overall.

    So far, I have decided I wish to be a skiller. I enjoy high overall levels. However, I really don't wish to be a battle noob. I would like to do quests, all good stuff. It is my chief. Hopefully with the money I've earned I can get smithing to 60. I'll probably work on agility/thieving after that. Or maybe hunter. Anyways - the purpose of the whole discussion. I've considered a 1 defense pure. I've considered a zerker. Another main, possibly?

    So. Please place on your vote. Any other account suggestions are fine also. Add me. I don't have any friends, since I return to the game a month ago (when I'd recovered the main in the year ago). I really don't have lots of friends, as most of mine have left. It would be great to get to know someone. I started the account last week. I've been taking level screenies. I'll earn a log eventually. Thanks.

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