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I am attempting to EVE echoes

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I am attempting to EVE echoes has not posted anything yet
Start date 12-12-20 - 15:25
End date 31-01-21 - 15:25
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    Everything subtracts nicely once you click the craft button, but when I reprocessed the ore I hand on hand, the minerals it gave me way off. It attempted to tell me I got 122mil Tritanium from about 4k Spod. Am I entering items in wrong?I have found that there are some issues with the tables I'm using for reprocessing. I am attempting to focus on getting the correct values for this table but it is proving elusive so far. I've updated the algorithm to be as close as I can for now but know that till I find a proper cure, the reprocessed mineral levels may be slightly wrong. Thank you for reporting the issue!

    I have finally found and fixed this matter. If you produce a copy of the newest 2.0.1 variant the reprocessing values should be correct.When I try to edit the arrangement where the planetary material item section I had noticed the quantity in column does not update.The sheet includes a great deal of custom scripting that depends on items being in the ideal location. Changing the orders of those values will cause things to not work properly. The spreadsheet is actually meant to be utilized as is which is why I summarized the cells you need to edit.

    I'm awareI thought I would bring that up as you have drag downs for stated stuff which prompted me to match the purchase of these to my corps inventory.For exactly what it is as is, its really spot on and nice for one job calculator.Now that is unquestionably the very well made spreadsheet I've encountered. Thanks a great deal )I understand this sheet is focused on construction, but personally I also like to know the value of my ores and minerals in hand. And when I need to reprocess or sell raw ore to make most ISK.This helps me to decide if I need to by the boat on market, or just build itself.

    I have added this in my own copy, but I guess you can see it as a feature request for future versions?Yes this possibly could be added in the future. Or possibly as a totally separate sheet with a few common elements.Thanks for the feedback!This is awesome!I'd still want to be able see a gain forecast without purchasing planetary stuff though (given those are literally only lying around all over the place for complimentary ). Mining ore is a great deal more labor intensive, so buying (a number of) those makes more sense.

    You can type of cheat on the system and accomplish this by placing the Cost Calculation Putting to"Remainder" and then placing your on hand values for the needed PI to match how much is required. This will make the prices on peak of the sheet reflect no PI costs.Good operate, but if you were able to enhance it and be able to set up the amount of structures that we desire, it would be the very best, this way we could assess in an easy way what we need without having to visit the recipe.

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