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Start date 21-12-20 - 13:40
End date 31-01-21 - 13:40
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    Thus, I decided to try something new and visit the Barrows Brothers, 75% to the enjoyable experience and 25% in hopes of having a Barrows item. I'm reading the Sal's and Wikia manual, and it had been proposed to bring magic dart, which I nearly have access to - 1.7k until 55 slayer. My strength and protection are comparatively low compared to my attack, will I at least be able to kill some of the brothers with my stats? ALSO, if you could suggest equipment + inventory, that could be damn helpful. The money, try not to make it a whole lot, but I have a fair sum to throw around.

    As you're 74 defence, I urge a tanking method that is made up of melee armor and Slayer's Staff. I typically use Verac's for the prayer bonus but its really your choice. In my inventory I usually bring a spoonful, magic dart runes, dragonhide armor (shirt and chaps for Ahrim), Monks Robes (optional but might save you a bit of prayer), a whip and dragon dagger, 1 prayer potion (just in case), 1 superb energy potion, runes for Teleport into House spell along with the rest with tuna or some other cheap meals. Start on Dharok because prayer is recommended for him. Then move on to Ahrim or Karil (for you Ahrim would probably be best due to your low magic trick ) use the remainder of your prayer points on these two but prayer pots should not be necessary.

    Then proceed to the rest of the brothers and don't pray. Only wear full melee armor and Slayer dart them. One of the brothers won't be in his grave and you will have to go through the tunnels to find him. If you have very little food or are contrary to Dharok in the tube, it is recommended to take a sip of your prayer pot (although you won't need to do this much). Solve the mystery and open the chest. Afterwards teleport back to your residence, restore prayer in your altar, use a teleport into Canifis and replicate. Oh because this is going to be your very first time, use Monkfish instead.

    However, as you get more experienced you won't have to utilize them. I only wish to learn how long if all of this require to achieve? & please dont say'become a member, It is quicker'. I know it is but I would like to do this in F2P. I saw in a person's signature a product known as"rock climbing boots". What are these? Are they scaling boots (I am assuming they're, seeing as scaling boots no longer exist on the GE site)? And why did everyone buy them? Because they have a different name? The initial Climbing Boots were upgraded now and its prices were altered.

    From the pursuit Death Plateau you're given Climbing Boots with no stats. The climbing boots that we used to have were updated to 75K cost, and so were renamed Rock Climbing Boots. These give the same stats.

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