Is it okay if I don't use pots or beg on non levelled stuff Cover Image


Is it okay if I don't use pots or beg on non levelled stuff

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Is it okay if I don't use pots or beg on non levelled stuff has not posted anything yet
Start date 06-02-21 - 03:00
End date 28-02-21 - 04:00
  • Description

    Is it okay if I don't use pots or beg on non levelled stuff? And, if I receive a multi battle task, should I use prayer, pots, and cannon? A buddy of mine said that I wanted 55 crafting to produce the slayer helm, even if I use points to understand how to make it. Is that true? Can Verac's armor be really good? It has high defence stats, and a good prayer bonus. Also, cloaks provide a prayer bonus of 3. Can I substitute one for my own skillcape?

    It is ok to skip out to the prayer but it won't be as fast. Everyone's giving you advice for the fastest, most efficient slaying... cutting corners will all result in it being even on lower leveled stuff. But hey, whatever suits you... well in the event that you get like desert lizards or something Turael-tier then yeah you should be OK.

    Using full verac is merely likely to be more in repair costs. Not really worth it, also less prayer compared to employing a proselyte platebody. Yes, black mask is ok. Infact, you ought to be sporting it unless you receive an undead assignment, in which case go with the salve amulet and whatever helmet you want. Another thing, you absolutely should utilize a cannon whenever possible. Even in single combat areas it is possible to conceal places so that the cannon can strike everything in the area no matter.

    Also I am again going to indicate the Brackish Blade, unless the 500k for it is a lot of after all of the other stuff. Many critters you get while slaying are weak to stab, and Brackish Blade is equivalent to some Dragon Scimitar except at stab instead of slash. It's an aggressive stab too so you can really train strength. Really do suggest piety. It's incredible. Get 70 prayer as soon as you have the money to do so. Also super sets are good.

    Why did you tell us all of your stats? Anyway, full rune, neitz, Dragon scimi/long if your lazy, regen brace or should you feel like dieing barrows gloves(Obtaining the items back from culiamancers will be simple ) and questing alot (In this case only use scimi) you can get barrows glasses, dragon boots seeing your only one level away, glory, Obby cape, dragon def, RoW/Zerker if you truly want it.

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