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Walk around a bit watching for RuneScape

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Start date 15-03-21 - 08:51
End date 30-04-21 - 08:51
  • Description

    After going through this challenging thing, you'll be teleported into Falador, together with"Jimmy's bicycle". It can't be dropped, but rather destroyed. It will break apart the day the event finishes, so dont think about keeping it! And no, you cant ride it about. Walk around a bit watching for the event icon on the minimap. You'll find new people in the icons. Talk to them and persuade them to give you the presents. Harlie Ashtonton-Cyrus's DvD -Shield shop, first floor. Michael Jackston-Josh's underwear -East bank, first floor (Duh)

    After obtaining these items, go and get the thread and needle and head back into Santa's place (Neds home ) and give them. Thank you! Thank you! You saved Christmas! Now, for that reward! Ah yes, almost forgot! You will get a certification from Santa that can be used at the fancy dress shop in Varrock. You will also receive the following event-You wave into the sky, and a loud"Ho-Ho!" is heard. You accidently get hit on the head with a current box.

    In Varrock, you will locate a man named Vamelia from the fancy dress store. She will give you a couple choices. If you don't have any certificates, she isn't going to show you the store. If you have a certificate, then she'll open the shop. And for the individual that said this, the items arent tradeable (Duh, all vacation items arent)

    Recently, the higher leveled players have been needing somewhere to train their high-leveled abilities. These can be the skills islands. I will tell you more about them shortly, but first how would you access to these? The answer is a brand new mini-game. Skills vs. Combat.

    For ages, the gamers of Runescape believed that the only way to combat others was by using Melee, Magic, or Ranged. Those folks were wrong, well atleast just for this particular mini-game ^_^. The factors change on the ability that you pick. The individual men and women get points based on how well they do their job. But the team which has the greatest overall points in the conclusion of the game will get bonus points. The playing area is 2 islands joined by 3 bridges, 1 island for the skills team, another for its combat team. Time to enter detail.

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