I thought it was weird that they would email me Cover Image


I thought it was weird that they would email me

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I thought it was weird that they would email me has not posted anything yet
Start date 29-10-20 - 04:00
End date 28-11-20 - 06:00
  • Description

    So now I just want to be sure, is this common? This scam? Has anyone else received an email threatening a suit from Jagex? I thought it was weird that they would email me like that without even telling me any previous account appeal was refused. And those of you who understand what Jagex is like in 2012... could they even attempt to sue me simply giving my account off? Certainly that would do them more damage than good. Thanks.

    My theory: Dungeoneering indirectly led to the drop in the grade of Runescape. The 25th skill was designed to bring in more players and more revenue. But Dungeoneering failed to grow the amount of gamers in Runescape and didn't bring in the additional required revenue. Then later in 2010, Insight Venture Partners (majority owner of Jagex) have to have come down on Jagex if there weren't more new members in Runescape.

    Fly on the wall listening in during that fateful IVP/Jagex 2010 assembly - Representatives of Insight Venture Partners into the representatives of JagexWe called this meeting regarding Jagex's cash flow. You led us to believe that this new"dungeoneering" upgrade in April 2010 would increase your market share in the gamers' market. But since April 2010, your cash flow position has not improved as you led us to believe. You had your opportunity.

    And Runescape as a whole went considerably downhill then, so many items Jagex introduced were targeted not at altering Runescape, but easy money catches: More Bonus XP weekends Removal of Trade Limit and yield of older Wilderness [without mending the bot issue first... resulting in massive botting in dragons, all of high-level trees, all ores, all fish stains, slayer regions, Sorceress' Garden, etc.] (February 1, 2011) Purchase a 90-day Runescape card, get an Ornate Katana (June 20, 2011) Jagex Loyalty Programme (June 28, 2011)

    I wish that dungeoneering would have rescued Runescape, the way that Jagex had aspired the 25th ability would usher in a brand new age in Runescape gameplay...'d the 25th skill brought more people into Runescape, possibly those folks at Insight Venture Partners could have abandoned Runescape alone.

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