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Rsgoldfast - Guthix will teleport you further forward in history

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Rsgoldfast - Guthix will teleport you further forward in history has not posted anything yet
Start date 05-06-21 - 10:17
End date 31-07-21 - 10:17
  • Description

    So, thinking about this more, I determined that Jorral would request that you collect more information about the Godwars. He'd eventually upgrade your Enchanted Key, helping you to go back 10 years ahead of the Godwars. You get to talk to the 5 gods involved with the wars, and assist each one in early preparations for its wars.

    Eventually, Guthix will teleport you further forward in history, to a month ahead of the wars. You get to meet the 5 gods again, amassing information and helping their preparations for the wars. Guthix will then teleport you back to the current, and you visit Jorral and tell him everything you have learnt.

    He will then let you go to the dungeon and use an activation crystal each one of the god's shifts. When you do, you unlock a hidden room, which you must put your skills and your puzzle-solving abilities to the exam, in order to decode the actual reason behind the Godwars. As soon as you've worked your way though the misty room, you have to combat a Warrior of Guthix, an Archer of Guthix and a Mage of Guthix at precisely the exact same time in order to reach the inner sanctum of the chamber, and find the real cause of the wars.

    As soon as you finish this job, you return to Jorral and he rewards you with a wholesome source of exp across all your abilities, and your now able to enter the chamber and battle the toughest monsters at any time. Butjust once you think the experiences over, it's not! Guthix suddenly appears infront of you and teleports you back to the room, where he has some stressing news.

    He reveals to you that he isn't the most powerful god, and that there is yet another, but his name cannot be spoken with a human, otherwise, they'll die instantly. So, he is named Shadow. Guthix subsequently entrusts you with a shattered staff along with a bow, saying that you need to make repairs to those weapons, if you are to defeat Shadow.

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