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Rsgoldfast - Sets a timer over your targets head

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Rsgoldfast - Sets a timer over your targets head has not posted anything yet
Start date 01-07-21 - 11:00
End date 31-08-21 - 11:00
  • Description

    Increases your aims strength and attack by 10%. Increases your goals range by 10% There's decreased by 40 percent AND the helm slot, body slot along with plate slot lsoe all magic defence bonus, doesn't effect negative bonuses. The boosts and defence fall return to normal when battle is engaged with another person, this is to stop ridicullous exp. Sets a timer over your goals mind, after 1 minute an quantity of damage is caused which maxes in 10.

    This can be dispelled by the goal removing everything worn out and then replacing it. This spell can be cast more than once on a goal but resets the timer. Neither the target can move while this spell is in effect. Your target can't fight, use ranged attacks but can mage. Any struck you choose breaks the charm. Your prayer level drains at the rate like smite was active, your magic level drains once this has reached 0.

    Sets a timer over your targets head, following 1 minute an amount of damage is caused which maxes at 20. This can be dispelled by the target eliminating everything worn and then replacing it. Can stack with destiny. Drains the energy of this target and returns half of it to you. Maxs in 12. I struck an 11 on my competition, he loses 11 percent of the energy and that I profit 5/6%. The half is determined.

    The time that has since Zanik went into the box has not affected her. Her body may have no response, or she might go through drastic aging, which could render some nasty side impacts. Well. . .how can we open the box? Blend a spear made of steel using a crystal, then enchant it.

    Do you feel the elves would know about aging impacts Zanik could get? Probably. . .we have two problems however. We can't contact the chest, due to my machine dividing, nor will we get in touch with an elf. Heh. . .don't stress, Oldak, I have a solution to both your problems. Can you , Zachman3334? If this is so, I wish you great luck.

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