It's a blessing that you did not get banned. Cover Image


It's a blessing that you did not get banned.

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It's a blessing that you did not get banned. has not posted anything yet
Start date 18-09-21 - 08:12
End date 30-09-21 - 08:12
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    Classic is a great option however, there are only two servers available, which means they're still in the process of balancing. Siel is more pop-oriented and asmodian heavy, and has the largest portion of the infinity. This means it is difficult for them to farm AP, sometimes.

    Israphel is lower in pop heavier in elyos, they own approximately 50 percent of the abyss, with the other 50% split between asmo and Balaur, making it much easier to farm AP. I'm NA but I play during EU times, and while it's occasionally quiet and tense, I've never experienced too many issues getting groups.

    Israphel is dead, tbh. Even though it's a lot more efficient to farm AP because forts being more spred and crowded, you'll have the same 5-6 players continuously farming the guards making it difficult to gain AP when you are at level 45+.

    That's why I'm trying to put some life back into it lol. There are at least forts you can capture or lose. All I know about Siel is that the asmos have an iron grip on them , and they won't let anyone go to go back and recap.

    If that wasn't proof enough, there's a number of people who have been verified to have been banned for having been flagged as falsely indicating that they turned into multiple repeats within an entire run. It is a suicide move to NCSoft to remove just a few individuals but then keep everyone else who committed the offense banned.

    Do you honestly answer this one question? If people are re-entering an existing open area, What are the additional or "higher amount" of rewards they are getting? The quest can be repeated. players do. They enter to kill mobs, and collect quest items. After which, they exit (through one of the numerous options of exits the game offers) and turn it back in to accept the next repeatable, then entering ....all within the same scenario. And those mobs that they killed in the past? They're dead and gone. They're not likely to respawn which means that no loot will be available. The same thing has been going on for years. Now it's not permitted? What's going on? It's absolutely absurd.

    You're right, this is really happening, folks like myself have been banned from repeating hand-ins to the quest. Straight and simple. It's a blessing that you did not get banned. They apply it by hand and it's not obvious to you. Kibbelz previously admitted that there isn't any automated system in the banning. Someone from NCSHiT is seriously screwing up big time and you are in the middle of defending them. smh

    If you want to buy it, you can access