Each skill is unique at first. Woodcutting is used Cover Image


Each skill is unique at first. Woodcutting is used

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Each skill is unique at first. Woodcutting is used has not posted anything yet
Start date 24-09-21 - 11:44
End date 30-09-21 - 11:44
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    After a long discussion with Mr Mod he told me that I was not among those who would receive lovely messages from jagex or black marks. It wasn't my fault. That was my runescape story of the day. Tell me what you think. (p.s. I have some videos that I could upload it to YouTube.

    It's been reported for months: RuneScape has a new ability. Millions of players have speculated. Many threads have been created. Yet, I'm sitting here writing an article about the new feature. Do I appear to be old-fashioned? Are you tired? Are you looking to purchase a new pair pink slippers? Maybe, but you might find this post helpful.

    Jagex answered lots of questions in the Q&A thread about the new technology. We could draw some conclusions from Jagex's responses. These criteria might help us determine the type of skills that the new skill will require. This could be useful as no one knows what this new skill will be.

    I have selected the most important aspects. The original skill was meant to be used as a game, however it was later transformed into a skill. It is very distinct, and unlike other skills in RuneScape. It is not able to be compared to another skill, like Summoning can be compared to Herblore. It will enable Runescape to introduce a whole new kind of gameplay. It can be used to complement any existing skills.

    It can be used for combat and non-combat. It will not be a training that is based on money. As of now, I've scoured the discussions and seen loads of suggestions, but none really fit into the details given by Jagex. It's not unusual to see abilities like Sailing or Necromancy in the list of available abilities. What is it that makes a skill unique? It is important to examine the skills that are already in use and look for similarities to determine what could distinguish the new skill from the rest.

    Each skill is unique at first. Woodcutting is used to gather wood, firemaking is for putting the wood to use, cooking is for preparing food, et cetera. The meaning of a skill is different for each skill. This is not surprising. However, if you look at the aspect of training, you'll see that they all have something in common. Repetition is the most effective way to learn a skill.

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