The issue is that 2K didn't manage the strengths Cover Image


The issue is that 2K didn't manage the strengths

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The issue is that 2K didn't manage the strengths has not posted anything yet
Start date 25-09-21 - 11:24
End date 31-10-21 - 11:24
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    A 'Situations mode' would be an excellent idea because it will test current players. Although it's not likely to draw new fans, a "Situations mode is sure to satisfy the desires of a discontented fan base. The absence of new features is a major issue for NBA 2K fans. Fans of the core will be eager to try a new and challenging mode.

    Mamba Moments - The passing of Kobe Bryant was shocking and very sad. It was tragic in every sense. Kobe will likely to play the protagonist in NBA 2K21 in a way. I'm intrigued by the idea of a game mode in which players could recreate some of Bryant's most significant events on the court. This is an appropriate tribute to Bryant; the user is invited to experience Bryant's most significant moments , and learn his history. NBA 2K previously featured a "Moments" mode shared by Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan, and others. It's about time for Kobe to receive the same treatment.

    The Rebalance Archetype System - I was intrigued by the archetype game system when it first was introduced. There would be more original designs, and less of the game not being balanced due to overpowered MyPlayers. It was a great solution to an issue that had been around for decades within the community.

    However, the archetype system has failed to meet its primary objective. It's not balanced, and I am convinced that there are more powerful and powerful builds than there ever was. The issue is that 2K didn't manage the strengths and weaknesses of each build effectively. A center who is over 7ft tall and 270 lbs cannot outdo a guard on the court when they are in transition.

    Point guards have had a difficult time proving themselves to remain active in the last two years. The fact that you play point guard does not confer an advantage. The added speed of a Point Forward build is minimal. Point Forwards typically have a higher ceiling than a point guard.

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