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RuneScape lets humans play a social gaming game

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Start date 04-10-21 - 13:19
End date 30-11-21 - 13:19
  • Description

    I have used RSBuddy on my account, am I likely to be banned? The information of our customers and user's information is confidential and will not be used to de-ban accounts. We hope you now understand the reasons behind why botting is not permitted in RuneScape and will take this chance to become a part of the RuneScape Community.

    I purchased a premium script. What can I do to receive my refund? If you bought a script within 7 days of the update last Tuesday, we'll gladly refund your purchase upon request. Refunds aren't available for purchases made prior to the date. Our subscriptions page has information about subscription changes.

    This is the end for bots, not for you! There's no one else but you the only person who doesn't have a bot-client to play with. RuneScape lets humans play a social gaming game. If you think there was anything botting did to keep you interested in the game, please participate in the discussion on what updates would remove the need for botting.

    I racked up about 450'ish slayer rewards points (Something like that), and was interested in seeing how much Slayer xp I could purchase. Instead 350 points was enough to purchase slayer dart casts. Each cast cost about the equivalent of 480 coins. It's important to note that I was able purchase about 1.2m coins worth of casts (which is 10k minds and 2500 death), which then I traded.

    I wanted to let you know that 1 slayerpoint is equal to 35k coins. I have no use for slayer points anymore, I blocked the tasks I hate (Goraks, Jungle Strykes, Wyverns) and i'm fine with the rest.

    Want to learn more about RuneScape gold at